Pawty builds communities of happy dogs & happy people

Pawty - Fun, Unleashed

** This was a fun project for a university course in 2022 **
** Feel free to borrow these ideas or concepts as they are not copyrighted or patented in any way & I'm happy to see ideas come to life**

Pawty is a social media and data platform for dog owners. Born from research that there are many pet canines in Korea that are not well socialized, Pawty encourages and enables pet owners to take action.

In order to meet this need and provide more, Pawty provides a social platform for owners to set up play dates and socialization sessions to ultimately build communities of dog owners.

An XD interface prototype is available at this link
The complete pitch deck is available below:

Dogs are increasingly popular in Korea

There is a shortage of well-socialized dogs

Pawty Pitch Deck.pdf