Jun 30, 2017

Hackers as presented in the media

Hackers in the media
Original image courtesy of Sky News

The term "hack" has been showing up in the news quite often lately, particularly thanks to (not in a good way) WannaCry from last month, and multiple outbreaks of Petya that have begun materializing recently. Whenever an attack is discovered, news outlets flock to publish their cover of it (often times with inaccurate or even flat-out incorrect information), along with a batch of "hacker images". These "hacker images" consist of the stereotypical shady hooded figure behind a Guy Fawkes mask and the green command prompt with the word 'password' highlighted in red. Images like these manipulate the general public to foster a negative connotation with the word "hacker", by presenting them with something that looks completely out of the ordinary and crimminal-like, often misrepresenting white hats as criminals when the term "hacker" is brought up. Lets look at some of these images and see how absurd of an image the media has racked up, and appreciate all the graphical work that went into producing these images, of course.

I absolutely abhor slideshow format, and I'm 99.9% certain that you do too. So here are the images as a list in no particular order (and without any annoying popups).

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